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Our Story

EVEolution, Inc is a company started by mothers headed by Emily; a meticulous, loving and protective mom.

Mothers like her want to give the best personal care to their babies. That’s why EVEolution Inc. was made. The company’s thrust is to become a reliable partner by understanding the needs of parents who continuously seek to provide safe, sensible and effective products to their little ones.



  • Baby Bottle & Nipple Cleanser

    Cradle is especially formulated with our babies’ safety in mind. Even with thorough rinsing, other dishwashing cleansers leave chemicals that may be toxic and harmful to your baby. As parents, we do not want to compromise. That is why we put a lot of heart in how we create our products.With carefully chosen natural ingredients and extensive product testings, Cradle is proven safe, mild and non-toxic yet highly effective on cleaning tough milk residues and foul odours.

  • Toy & Surface Cleaner

    Germs lurk and linger in all objects and surfaces your child touches and they can get infected in a matter of seconds! Prevent this from happening by cleaning and sanitizing your baby’s surroundings with Cradle Toy & Surface Cleaner. It is formulated with a powerful natural antibacterial agent from the Honeysuckle plant making it highly effective but still safe for your child.

Our Campaign


We are moms, we are a community!

As moms, we only have our kids’ best interests at heart. We aim to provide them with our utmost love and care. We will never compromise their safety.

As a community of loving and responsible moms, we share the same belief that our little ones deserve only the best.

No ifs, ands and buts.

No Compromise.
Be part of our community - and be the best mom you can be.



Mommies Talk About
The New Cradle

Mommies from different walks of life talk about the new Cradle and how the baby bottle cleanser helped them on their journey as moms caring for their little ones.

Words From No Compromise Moms

    Irina Otmakhova

    For me, it was always a brand of choice ever since I researched and prepared for my own natural home birth. And obviously, I needed something very natural for baby care. Water, salt, and coconut oil, you cannot go more natural than that.

    I started trying it especially because I was breastfeeding. And my problem sometimes when I wash the bottles, there’s residue. Right? And I didn’t want a stronger soap that could also be harmful with the types of chemicals they use. 

    Nicole Hernandez De Los Angeles

    Nicole Hernandez De Los Angeles

    I started trying it especially because I was breastfeeding. And my problem sometimes when I wash the bottles, there’s residue. Right? And I didn’t want a stronger soap that could also be harmful with the types of chemicals they use. 

    Steph Kienle - Gonzales

    I actually started using Cradle with my first daughter, Andrea in 2013 and have been using it ever since! I just love that it’s 100% natural, that it’s FDA approved. I think that’s so important. 


How can you say that Cradle is the safest for my baby?

Our Cradle Baby Bottle & Nipple Cleanser is especially formulated with 100% natural based ingredients. This means that Cradle contains no unnecessary ingredients that other dishwashing cleansers have making it non-toxic and edible. It has gone through rigorous testing and is certified orally non-toxic by the Industrial Technology Development Institute.

How do I use the Cradle Baby Bottle & Nipple Cleanser?

Dilute 5-10 mL (or 2-3 pumps as desired) of Cradle Baby Bottle & Nipple Cleanser in a liter of clean water. Soak and clean baby bottles and utensils using a bottle brush or sponge. If desired, you may also pump a small amount of Cradle directly onto the sponge/brush.

For washing fruits and vegetables: soak fruits and vegetables in diluted solution for at least 40 seconds. Rinse thoroughly in clean running water.

I'm a breastfeeding mom, can I use Cradle to wash my nipples?

Yes, absolutely! Especially if you are concerned about any residues left behind by your regular bath products. You can also use Cradle to clean your breast pumps and other breastfeeding accessories.

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  • Baby Company
  • The Parenting Emporium
  • S&R
  • SM Hypermarket & Department Store
  • Rustan’s Supermarket & Department Store
  • Landers Superstore
  • Robinsons Supermarket & Department Store
  • Mothercare
  • Shopwise
  • Mercury Drug
  • The Landmark
  • Unimart



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